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CovenantMade offers Inset Face Frame, Beaded Inset Face Frame and specializes in the custom construction of full-access European style cabinetry. The advantages of this frameless style of construction are both aesthetic and functional, and while it has been the standard in Europe for years, it is increasingly gaining popularity throughout the United States. The most distinguishing feature is the lack of face frame with the doors applied directly to the cabinet case, allowing complete unobstructed access to the cabinet interior.

The unique features of frameless cabinetry translate to many benefits homeowners find particularly advantageous, including:

  • More usable space inside the cabinets
  • Larger drawers and roll-out shelves
  • Hidden hinges and hardware
  • Increased storage space in less room
  • Easy to clean and maintain

With frameless cabinetry, no face frames are exposed on the cabinet, and full overlay doors on full access cabinets hinge to the inside and cover the front of the case, exposing only a small reveal. Designers often prefer a frameless look because it accentuates the key aspect and focal point of the cabinet: the door style and finish.

The absence of a face frame impeding access to the cabinet creates significantly more usable storage space inside a frameless cabinet (sometimes as much as 10% more) when compared to a same-sized framed construction.

Installation of frameless cabinetry is also a simpler process because ends and sides of cabinets are flush, allowing positioning of doors to a more exacting alignment. And all this efficiency and functionality is achieved without sacrificing quality, style, or beauty. In fact, the possible combinations of components, accessories, materials, styles, and finishes is almost infinite, and the hardest decision a homeowner might have to make is deciding which combination they like best!